IntelliSense, Code formatter and Refactoring tools in SQL Server Management Studio


Code Completion

Insert SQL constructs and identifiers instead of typing them

View Dependencies

Advanced search dependencies in databases, version control systems, query editor etc.

Find code

Advanced search some code in databases, version control systems, query editor etc.

Refactoring "Rename"

Safety Rename an existing database object

Refactoring "Add CRUD Methods"

Quickly generate CRUD stored procedures for single table.

Refactoring "Introduce history trigger"

Introduce a new trigger to capture data changes for historical or audit purposes

Refactoring "Move columns"

Migrate a table columns, with all of its data, to another existing table.

Refactoring "Add lookup table"

Create a lookup table for an existing column.

Format SQL

Provides advanced SQL code formatters.

Script table data

Quickly generate insert data script for single table.

Script Object from SQL Editor

Quickly generate script for focused object in Query Editor.