Find Code

  • Find fragments of SQL in tables, views, stored procedures, functions, views, jobs, and more
  • Search across multiple object types and multiple databases
  • Search in SSMS Query Editor
  • Search in files on disks
  • Search with booleans and wildcards
  • Display precise locations of found code
  • Quickly get script of any found object
  • Quickly navigate to any found object

Why use it?

Find all you need

You need to find stored procedures you've not yet finished writing. Using Find Code, you can search for stored procedures containing the text TODO.

Find some potential errors

Using Find Code, you can look for SELECT * in the text of stored procedures and views and replace them with a correct list of columns to improve performance and prevent future bugs.

Support regular expressions

Do you want to find all dependencies between databases? It is very simply! Just choose Cross database dependencies in Regular expression builder and start search.

Search in files on disks

Sometimes when you rename or delete the object in the database, you need to check that the work of external applications will not be broken. Just specify the directory where you store the source code of external applications and SQL Refactor Studio will find all spots in use.

How to find code with SQL Refactor Studio

  1. Right click on the database and choose SQL Refactor Studio->Find Code
  2. Enter text you want to find
  3. Modify search options if you need
  4. Press the Start button and get the result