Refactoring «Rename»

SQL Refactor Studio can generate a script that allows you to rename objects in your database without breaking dependencies.

You can rename the following:

  • Tables (including columns)
  • Views
  • Stored procedures
  • Functions

When an object is renamed:

  • SQL Refactor Studio also modifies any objects that reference, or are referenced by, the renamed object to ensure that dependency links are not broken.
  • The original permissions and extended properties of the object are preserved.

To rename an object:

  1. In Object Explorer pane right-click the object you want to rename. In the rightclick menu, choose SQL Refactor Studio -> Rename menu command. The Rename dialog window is displayed:

  2. Type a new name for the object.

    The name you enter must not already be in use.

  3. Click Generate rename scripts.

    SQL Refactor Studio creates the rename script in a new SQL Server Management Studio query window.

  4. Once you have reviewed the script, run it.

    You must refresh the Object Explorer list before it will display the new name.