View Dependencies

  • Find all references to an object in tables, views, stored procedures, functions, views, jobs, and more
  • Search across multiple object types and multiple databases
  • Search in SSMS Query Editor
  • Search in files on disks
  • Search with booleans and wildcards
  • Display precise locations of found dependencies
  • Quickly get script of any found object
  • Quickly navigate to any found object

Why use it?

Safe object renaming

You want to rename one of your table but aren't sure what objects reference it. Using View Dependencies, you can find all objects where it is used.

It works faster and more reliable

Finding anything in the standart Object Explorer requires a lot of clicking. Sometimes standart viewer works wrong, it can not display object dependencies(for example, if table schema is missing in SQL statement).

How to find object dependencies with SQL Refactor Studio

  1. Select database object in Object Explorer and press Ctrl+Shift+D to invoke the View Dependencies
  2. Wait until the search is completed
  3. Analyze results
  4. Initialize new search of the selected object
  5. Quickly get the script of the selected object